Divorce Planning STARTER KIT
Online Training
If you find yourself facing divorce, this course was created for you. 

We walk you through the divorce process and provide useful worksheets, help guides and videos so 
you can be better  organized and prepared to meet with an attorney. 

We are not attorneys, but we work every day with people facing divorce 
and their attorneys, to help make smarter decisions. 
Divorce Starter KIT and Essential Training 
Be better prepared and educated about the Divorce Process. 
Getting a fair settlement is much more likely if you take time to educate yourself about the divorce process. Our divorce preparation guide, worksheets and online training videos were created to help our attorney partners from across the country help their clients understand what to expect during the process. 

When you signup for our STARTER KIT and Essential Training, you'll receive emails, videos, worksheets and an organized plan for learning about the divorce process over just over 2 weeks. You'll have access to all the materials, but with our daily email training, we'll make it easy for you to take steps each day and make the process much easier. 

By the end of the two weeks, you should have the basics that you'll need for an initial meeting with an attorney and save yourself the expense of paying for an attorney visit where the attorney educates you about the process. 

Whether you've been referred to us by a divorce attorney or whether you are trying to learn all you can to prepare yourself for a divorce, we're here to help. 

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Special $89 One-Time Price for the 
Divorce Essentials Course 
You will receive an email with immediate login access to all our STARTER KIT forms, worksheets, videos and resources. You'll also receive a daily step by step email over a period of two weeks that will help you make daily progress.
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When you order the course, we'll also give you an additional login for your spouse or other support person of your choosing. We'll email you after your purchase and ask who we should send the additional login to. They'll receive all the same emails and training that you receive as part of your purchase. 
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Course Materials
This course includes a combination of training videos, worksheets, sample divorce documents, interviews with divorce attorneys and materials that we have used to provide training to attorneys and their clients for many years. 

If you or someone you know is starting down the path of divorce, this will save help them understand and be educated about the process. 
Course Outline and Video Training
  • Getting Started 
  • ​Step 1: Setting Priorities
  • ​Step 2: To-Do List
  • ​Step 3: Your Document List - Getting Organized
  • ​Step 4: The Financial Declaration / Affidavit
  • ​Step 5: Evaluating An Agreement
  • ​Step 6: Separation Agreements
  • ​Tips For Finding A Good Attorney
  • ​Preparing For Your Initial Meeting With Your Attorney
Worksheets, Checklists and Handouts
  • The Divorce Roadmap
  • ​Priorities Checklist
  • ​To-Do List
  • ​Your Document List
  • Assets, Liabilities, Expenses and Household Inventory Worksheet
  • ​Charting Assets Worksheet and Help Guide
  • ​​Example Financial Declaration / Affidavit
  • ​Example Agreement and Help Guide
  • Example Separation Agreement
  • ​Finding a Great Family Law Attorney - 10 Questions you should ask your attorney and 22 questions your attorney should ask you
  • ​Top 10 Mistakes Made in Divorce Settlements
  • ​Interview with a Divorce Attorney and Mediator
Prepare yourself by Learning from an expert 
Joe has spent his career helping attorneys and their clients Identify and avoid financial mistakes that are are often the result of poor preparation and planning during the divorce process.
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