Divorce Planning Essentials 
Online Training
If you find yourself in the situation of needing to learn about divorce this course was created for you. 

We created these videos and materials to help our attorney partners and their clients learn about and understand the divorce process. After going through this 2 week course, a person will understand the divorce process and be better equipped to meet with an attorney and successfully navigate their divorce. 

You'll get access to several hours of video training as well as materials, worksheets, examples and lists that will help you get organized and be better prepared when you are meeting with your attorney. 
Education is Key to Getting a Fair Divorce Settlement... 
Be Prepared. 
Over the past 2 decades we've spent tens of thousands of dollars gathering materials, creating help guides, checklists, worksheets and creating an education tool to help people who are going through a divorce.  

Whether you've been referred to us by an attorney or whether you are trying to learn all you can to prepare yourself for a divorce, we're here to help. 

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Divorce Essentials Course 
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When you order the course, we'll also give you an additional login for your spouse or other support person of your choosing. We'll email you after your purchase and ask who we should send the additional login to. They'll receive all the same emails and training that you receive as part of your purchase. 
Prepare yourself by Learning from an expert Divorce and financial planning expert Joe Davis, EA, CDFA 
Joe has spent his career helping attorneys and their clients Identify and avoid financial mistakes that are are often the result of poor preparation and planning during the divorce process.
Course Materials
This course includes a combination of training videos, worksheets, sample divorce documents, interviews with divorce attorneys and materials that we have used to provide training to attorneys and their clients for many years. 

If you or someone you know is starting down the path of divorce, this will save help them understand and be educated about the process. 
  • Getting Started 
  • ​Step 1: Setting Priorities
  • ​Step 2: To-Do List
  • ​Step 3: Your Document List - Getting Organized
  • ​Step 4: The Financial Declaration / Affidavit
  • ​Step 5: Evaluating An Agreement
  • ​Step 6: Separation Agreements
  • ​Tips For Finding A Good Attorney
  • ​Preparing For Your Initial Meeting With Your Attorney
  • ​Bonus Material
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